Product Summery.

Product name.  Brand Design
Turnaround.  1-3 weeks depending on complexity

Brand Design.

Product Layers - Branding

Your branding is the corner stone of your business, it’s on every letter you post, every email you send and every business card you hand out.

It’s important that something so vital is given the right attention so it has just the right personality to reflect you or your business and keeps working hard for you even when your not around.

Our Process.

1. Consultation

We take you through an outline of what you are looking for, checking you already have a few ideas or whether we are going totally from scratch. We also check if there are any colours or font styles that you have a particular dislike of so that we don’t head down the wrong path out of the gate.

2. Research

Depending on the scale of the project this stage can be quite brief or go into great detail but it is a vital step in the process of creating branding. We look into the market place that your business sits in to see how other market themselves. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, we can check the visual language that your customer is likely to expect when looking for your product, for example, we wouldn’t brand a shampoo aimed at 20-30 year old woman in the same way that we would brand a baby toy. Secondly, we can avoid using using the exact branding of your competitors so we avoid copyright issues etc.

3. Initial Ideas

We produce a number of initial “sketch” ideas and provide you with a proof. At this stage these are just talking points, nothing is set in stone, feel free to tell us that you don’t like something (we won’t cry, honest).

4. Development

The next stage (assuming that all initial ideas didn’t get rejected) is a process of polishing. Tweaking fonts, colours, layout etc. to get closer to the final product.

5. Finished Branding

This is the satisfying part of a branding job, everything is finished and beautiful and can start to be used in print or on the web. We also provide you with a pack containing all the common file types that you are likely to need your new branding in.

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Need a Design?

Our in house design department can help you put together the perfect design for you. Whether you are looking for a super quick business card right up to full re-brands and web site.


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If you have your artwork all sorted and in a print ready format then you can quickly and easily upload it to us via our file transfer form

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Product Summery.

Product name.  Brand Design
Turnaround.  1-3 weeks depending on complexity

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